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Blended Learning is a combination of classroom learning and distance learning.

Through classroom learning, students will attend face to face sessions and also be expected to work independently to research information around the topic areas and work on assignments. Students will spend 1 day a week in face to face teaching with the tutor and discuss/debate the topic/task/subject in the classroom.

Through distance learning, students will be given access to resources and guidelines via Moodle platform and can access resources to study at any time that is convenient for them.

The tutor will provide feedback to students on draft work before final submission. Students will be encouraged to participate in chat groups to support each other and the Moodle platform will facilitate this remotely.

Blended Learning - Benefits

Key benefits of blended learning are:
1) Encourage contact between students and tutor.
2) Develop collaboration among students.
3) Encourage active learning.
4) Give prompt feedback.
5) Emphasis on tasks.
6) Small group classroom.
7) Respect diverse talents and ways of learning.

Please note that blended learning courses are only available to UK-based students and are subject to minimum student numbers.

Blended Learning - Self/Employer Funding

You have to cover the cost of your fees privately, as well as making full provisions for your living costs. Many students finance their studies through personal savings or personal bank loans or part-time work or funded by parents. Please note that government funding is unavailable at Severn Business College.

Blended Learning - Courses & Fees

Click on the individual course for more information.

* Total fees = intention to study £100 + course fees + awarding body fees.