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To ensure our commitment and determination towards quality education, we aim to provide the finest possible environment for teaching, learning and academic support.


Our classrooms are designed to be pleasant places to learn. They are equipped with whiteboards and overhead projectors to deliver lectures. They are centrally heated in winter making it a comfortable atmosphere for both the teachers and the students.

Computing and Internet Facilities

The College has computing and internet browsing facilities for students. Hi-speed dedicated broadband connections are available for Internet access for students. The College is a wireless area for Internet access. Students with their own laptops can access the Internet on campus.

Library Facilities

The College has reference books that are available for short-term loan and reference. For a wider choice of general reference books, we encourage our students to register with one of the local public libraries in the surrounding area.

Virtual Learning Facilities

The College has virtual learning environment called Moodle, a place where students can access resources related to their course.

Food and Drink Provisions

A kitchenette equipped with kettle, microwave, hot and cold water is available. Students can consume food either brought from home or purchased locally. A number of healthy sandwich bars and restaurants are available few minutes’ walks from the College.

Academic Support

Our staff and lecturers are supportive and helpful in dealing with student’s problems. If students do not understand their tutor lecture or face any other problem, they are requested to contact the College reception..

Student with Disabilities

We are committed to providing an educational service, which guarantees equality of opportunity for students with physical disabilities or learning difficulties. The support services available are outlined in our disability policy.

Leisure Centres

Modern and well established leisure & sport centres are only within a few minutes walking distance, which provides a number of sports activities including indoor games.