Disability Policy

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Disability Policy

The Severn Business College is committed to promoting access to people with disabilities.
Severn Business College will:

  Encourage applications to study at the College from people with disabilities.

  Judge applicants with disabilities solely on the basis of their academic potential.

  Invite applicants with a disability to contact the College to discuss their special needs and how these can be met.

  Students with dyslexia are selected and supported on the basis of their relevant merits and abilities and are given equal opportunities, enabling them to perform to their full potential.

  Offer additional provision to ensure that disabled people are not disadvantaged in comparison with others at the application stage.

  Continue to make improvements to the physical and learning environment so that students with disabilities will be able to play a full part in the College.

  Take active steps to consider students' feedback and the development of good practice in the support provisions for people with disabilities.

  Regularly review this policy and plan ways to improve it.