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CPD Course through RPL


Achieve a CPD course through RPL, can help individuals to acquire a formal qualification that matches their knowledge, skills and work experience, and thereby contribute to improving their employability, mobility, lifelong learning, social inclusion and self-esteem.

What is Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is the process by which a learner's relevant prior formal or nonformal learning and/or experience is formally evaluated in order to determine whether it satisfies partly or fully of a qualification and thus allows them exemption from or achievement of fully qualification requirements.

How can I achieve a CPD course through nonformal learning and/or experience?

You can choose a CPD course from our list to be evaluated and submit an RPL evaluation form; we will then follow the RPL policy and process. Proof of past learning or achievement from (1) a full-time or part-time employment, (2) other courses you have done, or (3) voluntary or unpaid work; are acceptable. Once the evaluation is completed and you are satisfied with the CPD course criteria via RPL (partly/fully), you can apply for the course.