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Why Study with SBC?

1) Flexible Entry Requirements: We offer flexibility in entry requirements for students who have the necessary potential, knowledge or experience and motivation to follow the course successfully.

2) Flexible Monthly Payment Plan: We offer monthly payment plan option for 3/6/9/12/18 months (interest-free). You can pay £100 (intention to study/application processing fees) plus £150± (first payment of instalment payment plan) and start the course. Click here for further information on the application process.

3) Get 15% Off on Course Fees (T&CsP): You can get 15% off on course fees with code G15OFFDLCF and it applies to distance learning courses only. Click here for further information.

4) Get an additional 5% Off on Course Fees for Full Payment: You can obtain an additional 5% off on course fees for full payment of fees during admission. Click here for further information.

5) SBC Average Pass Rate is 90%: Severn Business College's average pass rate of 90% is based on the final submission of the work and the pass mark reached in 2021.

6) 14 Days Right to Cancel (cooling-off period): We offer 14 days right to cancel the course from the day after your acceptance on a course (acceptance letter issue date), and course fees and awarding body fees that are paid will be refunded. Click T&Cs (DL) or T&C (BL) for further information.

Distance Learning Frequently Asked Questions

What is online distance learning?

Online distance learning is a way of studying for a course without having to attend classes on-campus. It’s a great option for those looking to study alongside work or other commitments, from anywhere in the world.

How do I apply to study at the SBC?

Simply complete our online application form and upload (passport/ID & qualifications) documents. Or you can post/submit filled application form with (passport/ID & qualifications) documents.

I don't hold a current passport, what other document is accepted?

The Passport is a very effective identity document, another document that is accepted is a photographic national identity card or photographic drivers license (with full name, date of birth, photograph and nationality).

What are the intakes, for online distance learning courses?

We have rolling intakes (weekly/monthly) for online distance learning courses.

Will I need to travel, when studying with SBC?

No, our online distance learning courses doesn’t require you to travel. The certificate is sent by post.

I haven’t studied for some time, will I be able to manage?

The course resources have been designed to help students to improve their skills and knowledge, and you are expected to apply yourself in reading, researching and completing assignments. The most important requirements are the motivation, commitment and a willingness to learn new skills. Once you become a student, you will be able to access the course resources on Moodle platform (our virtual learning environment) and instructor/tutor support.

How much time do I need to study per week?

The amount of time needed to study does vary from student to student and from course to course, but we recommend that you set aside 10-12 hours per week for each unit/subject.

Do I need to have internet access?

It is vital you have regular internet access throughout your course as this will help you to benefit from the resources available on the Moodle platform which will be available to you at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Will my qualification be different from on-campus students?

No, online distance learning students get the same qualification as our on-campus students.

Will my certificate have 'distance learning' on it?

No, certificates do not have the mode of study on them. The certificate that you receive will be exactly the same as those received by our on-campus students.

What educational support are included? Is extra educational support available?

Online distance learning course is a self-study course with resources available on the Moodle platform. The student is provided by the instructor and tutor support, and assignment feedback from the tutor. If the student requires extra educational support, then they can take advantage of our extra educational support (dedicated one to one tutor) which are available on request at mutually agreed times to talk through and discuss specific issues. Extra educational support is available at an extra cost of £30 per hour.

Do you accept monthly payment plan?

Yes, we do accept monthly payment plan (for 3/6/9/12/18 months) and it is interest-free.

How do I pay fees? and Is government funding available?

You can pay the fees online through the bank/paypal or set up a direct debit or pay with a debit/credit card by calling us at 0044 20 8539 1149. The employer can pay fees by invoice payment. As the SBC is not registered with student finance or advanced learner loans or ELCAS, so government funding is unavailable.