Severn Business College

A Business School with a Quality Education

The Severn Business College is a privately funded independent college, which has been offering business courses at various levels to local and international students since 2009. There was a change in management in 2013 with a vision to specialise in global online distance learning. For students, choosing the right course is an important and sometimes difficult decision, and we hope this site will provide enough information to help them choose the right course. The college has a qualified and skilled team to support students and gives high priority to both teaching and administrative services. College courses give students the opportunity to pursue their studies at a university and obtain a degree-level qualification after completing their course at the college.

Our Objective

Our objective is simple, to ensure the students from the Severn Business College will be well-equipped to meet the challenges of the global marketplace and command an exceptionally high value among employer.

5 Reasons to Study with SBC

Location: Severn Business College is situated in Leytonstone, London, UK; and all staff is based in the UK.

Affordability: Severn Business College courses are affordable and may be paid in monthly instalments.

Support: Severn Business College has dedicated tutors, instructors and admin staff; and the Moodle online platform is equipped with all the resources and guidelines needed to complete the course.

Progression: For most Severn Business College courses, students can enter the final stage at the University, once they have finished their course at Severn Business College.

Accreditation: Courses at Severn Business College are accredited by Pearson (awarding body), Qualifi (awarding body), EBMA (awarding body) and CPD Standards (accrediting body).

News and Updates

Distance Learning & Visitor Visa

Distance learning students may visit
the UK on Standard Visitor Visa and
can attend additional recreational study,
such as study support and meetings.

SBC Average Pass Rate is 90%

Severn Business College's average
pass rate of 90% is based on the
final submission of the work and the
pass mark reached in 2021.

Study Online BA (Hons) Degree: £7000±

Qualifi L4&5: £2700 or HND Business: £3340
UK University BA (Hons) Top-Up: £4000±
Study Mode: Online Distance Learning
Duration: 2-3 Years

Study Online MBA Degree: £5000±

Qualifi L7: £1580 or BTEC L7 ED: £1790
UK University MBA Top-Up: £3500±
Study Mode: Online Distance Learning
Duration: 1-2 Years