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HNC & HND Explained

What is an HNC?

A Higher National Certificate (HNC) In Business is an internationally-recognised higher education qualification. An HNC takes one year to complete. HNC courses cover many of the same subject areas as an HND Year 1. This is because HNC’s sit one level below an HND, which is generally equivalent to the first year at university.

What is an HND?

A Higher National Diploma (HND) in Business is an internationally-recognised higher education qualification. An HND takes two years to complete. HND qualifications are generally the equivalent to a 1st and 2nd years at university.

What is the level of an HNC/HND?

An HNC course is a Level 4 qualification, whereas an HND course is a level 4 and 5 qualification. Both tend to be work-related, vocational or higher education qualifications that can lead you straight into a career, or to continue with studies at the degree-level.

What is the difference between HNC vs HND?

An HNC qualification sits at level 4 of the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF), with an HND sitting at level 5. This means that while an HNC is equivalent to studying a year at university, and HND equates to doing two years. If you wish to continue study at the degree-level upon finishing either an HNC or an HND qualification, you can enter the degree you’re interested in on the second or third year.

What are the benefits of an HNC/HND?

Both HNC’s and HND’s are very practical-based qualifications, ideal for those wanting to head straight into the workforce. You will learn the hands-on skills needed to move straight into your chosen career once your studies have finished. Depending on the course, you may even get to work with local employers who specialise in the qualification you’re studying.
If you wish to pursue a bachelor’s degree, but don’t feel ready once you leave school, undertaking an HNC or an HND offers a great means to continue to study at a pace which is manageable to you, whilst providing you with the practical skills. Meaning that when you switch to your degree course, you will have the foundations of the degree already understood.
Both an HNC and an HND will allow you to move straight into degree-level education when you’re ready, without having to do either the first year or both the first and the second.
You may wish to undertake an HNC or an HND related to a field of work you have already had experience in. Both can allow for career progression, in order to achieve a more professional status.

Where can I study an HNC/HND?

HNC in Business and HND in Business qualifications can be studied by online distance learning or blended learning at Severn Business College.

How much it cost to study HNC/HND?

At Severn Business college: (1) Online distance learning - HNC in Business cost around £1800 and HND in Business cost around £3400, (2) Blended learning - HNC in Business cost around £3800 and HND in Business cost around £7400. Students are able to pay the fees in easy monthly instalments. Please note that government funding and a tier 4 student visa are unavailable at Severn Business College.