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HNC & HND Explained

What is an HNC?

A Higher National Certificate (HNC) in Business is a higher education qualification that is recognised globally. An HNC is completed in one year. HNC courses include same topics as HND Year 1. This is due to the fact that HNC is one level below an HND, which is roughly comparable to the first year of university.

What is an HND?

A Higher National Diploma (HND) in Business is a higher education qualification that is recognised globally. An HND is completed in two years. HND qualification are typically equal to the first and second years of university.

What is the level of an HNC/HND?

An HNC course is a Level 4 qualification, whereas an HND course is a Level 4 and 5 qualification. Both are often work-related, vocational, or higher education qualifications that can lead directly into a profession or to further study at the degree level.

What is the difference between HNC vs HND?

An HNC qualification is classified as level 4 on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF), whereas an HND is classified as level 5. This implies that an HNC is comparable to one year of university study, but an HND is equivalent to two years. If you choose to continue your education after completing an HNC or an HND, you can attend the degree programme in the second or third year.

What are the benefits of an HNC/HND?

Both HNCs and HNDs are practical qualifications that are perfect for students who wish to enter the industry right away. After your studies are completed, you will have the hands-on skills necessary to enter your desired job. Depending on the course, you may even get to work with local companies who specialise in the qualification you're studying.
If you want to pursue a bachelor's degree but don't feel prepared after high school, an HNC or an HND is a great way to continue studying at a pace that works for you while still equipping you with practical skills. Both an HNC and an HND will allow you to proceed directly into degree-level study when you are ready, without having to complete either the first or both first and second years.

Where can I study an HNC/HND?

HNC in Business and HND in Business qualifications are available at Severn Business College through distance learning or blended learning.

How much it cost to study HNC/HND?

At Severn Business College, there are two options for studying: (1) online distance learning, where the HNC in business costs around £1800 and the HND costs about £3400; and (2) blended learning, where the HNC in business costs about £3800 and the HND costs about £7400. The costs can be paid by students in convenient monthly instalments. Please note that government funding and a tier 4 student visa are unavailable at Severn Business College.